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Step into the evocative and exciting settings of the mediaeval era in Hungry dragon mod apk. Here you’ll face off against a variety of unique adversaries. Moreover, take on a variety of intriguing challenges in various settings and surroundings. Of course, you are welcome to play the game with your friends or other online players anytime you get the opportunity. Nevertheless, in such case, you must download the game from our page on your Android device.

Hungry Dragon Mod APK

Hungry Dragon Mod APK Introduction

You must command a massive dragon and eat everything in your path in this quest. However, destroy the communities and woodlands as you explore the locales. In the game, there are ten dragons, each with its own set of abilities and attributes that may be enhanced and outfitted. In fact, these creatures have a peculiar, frightening appearance.

Your Dragon will not gain blood if you do not eat properly, but will lose blood and perhaps die if you do not feed properly. Apart from that, your Dragon has abilities that you can use. For this reason, Nibbler will gain more power as you let him consume more. You can accelerate up or blow out the fire to grab creatures immediately when your power bar is complete.

Hungry Dragon Mod Apk Gameplay

Start the game Hungry Dragon mod apk, and you will become friends with an adorable dragon named Nibbler. On the other hand, Nibbler is a one-of-a-kind dragon. He will always hungry and want to eat everything in sight. If giant birds, mountain creatures, or small animals enter his eye, he can swallow them. If Nibbler had his way, he could swallow the entire sun surely.

In addition, dragons in Hungry Dragon mod apk may spray extremely powerful fire. Eating your objective will not only increase your blood pressure, but it will also help you build strength. When your strength is complete, you can use your burning abilities or speed up as much as you wish. So, essentially, in order for Nibbler to survive, you need assist him in consuming as many creatures as feasible.

Nibbler’s vitality will wane whenever he doesn’t have something to eat. Besides it will lead to famine. Stay updated on the blue blood bar on the screen’s top right. It will tell you how long your Dragon will stay with you. It will also need to know how much food it will require to stay alive. The larger the beast, the more vitality you’ll get, and the Dragon will live longer. Therefore, you must, keep an eye out for harmful organisms in the air. You might wanna check this one too Tank Stars Mod APK.

Hungry Dragon Mod APK

Hungry Dragon Mod Apk Features

Simple game control

Hungry Dragon mod apk has simple controls. To control your Dragon, all you need is a control button. Then, to activate the Dragon’s skills, such as fire breathing, press the power button. So it can swoop down on multiple preys at once and go on a fire-breathing spree.

A prize of gold coins

On the plus side, you’ll get gold money when you consume critters in this game. Collect as many as you can since they will allow you to unlock additional dragons in the game. Furthermore, the more food you eat, the faster your Dragon matures.

Stunning graphics

Each Dragon is precisely created in 3D, displaying its magnificent motions. The background and other components enhance the game’s general visual. These visuals will attractive to the eyes. Other visuals like fire and other stuff will leave you stunned.

Competitive tournaments

It would help if you competed in moment competitions to win extra rewards. Thus, you’ll gain more benefits the longer you live by eating animals and avoiding harm. To climb to the top of the leaderboards, try to stay alive as long as possible in this game. Additionally, your rank will have a significant impact on the rewards you obtain. As a result, as your rank rises, you’ll receive additional awards in this game.

Species of lethal dragons

There are up to ten different dragon species available in the game. Each Dragon is one-of-a-kind, just like the stars in the sky. They are available in a variety of hues and species, as well as distinct appearances.

The most effective dragonfly

You have complete freedom to fly and consume whatever you desire. The game is over when the Dragon dies. To set the highest record in the game, eat more to gain more points. Remember to acquire gold coins in every game. They will utilize to get access to the game’s other dragons. The more you feed your Dragon, the quicker it will develop.

Hungry Dragon Mod APK (Mod Info)

  • Unlimited gold coins
  • Gems unlimited
  • Money unlimited
  • No ads
  • Without bugs
  • Anti-ban

How to Download Hungry Dragon Mod Apk

  1. Press a key named by “download here”.
  2. After completing downloading of Hungry dragon mod apk start installation for game file.
  3. It will take some time. You can play the game after completing all process.
  4. You and your pals will undoubtedly like the game.


Is the game hungry dragon cheats free to play?

Yes if you get the game from our given link it will free with unlocked latest version. Hence you can download it to play with your friends for enjoyment.

What will I get after getting success in the game?

You will get unlimited gold coins, customization, unlimited money, and chance to make a good position on leaderboard.

From where can I get the free game to play?

You can download it from internet, but if you want hassle free game you can download our latest version to play.


In Hungry Dragon mod apk, your mission is to help Nibbler survive by devouring as many animals as possible. If Nibbler doesn’t eat, he will become weak and may starve to death. Please don’t let this happen. Some indicators show how much time your Dragon has left and how much food he needs to survive in the game. Naturally, the more Nibbler eats, the better he gets. This also implies that he will grow in size. In contrast, there are a few monsters to keep an eye out for. These animals are terrifying, and they will only put Nibbler in peril if he eats them incorrectly. So get your game on your device and play a massive game right now.

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